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Looking for a way to stay warm in bed this winter? Why not snuggle up with a yutampo, or a refillable hot water bottle that’s really helpful for surviving the cold season.

What Is a Yutampo?

If you’re looking for an economical way to keep warm this winter season, you’ve got to get your hands on a Japanese hot water bottle, or yutampo. This Japanese “hottie” comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, and—because it’s Japan—pairs well with either practical or adorable covers. Although a soft rubber hot water bottle might be common in your country, flat and oval-shaped yutampo made of hard plastic are more common in Japan. Even if you’re not well experienced in using them, the plastic model may suit you because of the ease of handling and purchasing. Furthermore, for novices, they are safer than metal ones.

Safety tip: don’t actually snuggle with a Yutampo.


How to Prepare & Use Your ‘Yutampo’

As yutampo don’t require electricity, they are really convenient and climate-benign. After putting one in your bed at night, before climbing in, the space under the duvet will become warm and cozy. If you place it under your feet while seated at a table, reading a book or studying, your whole body can feel snug due to the warmth coming up from your feet. Although yutampo are really useful and can provide you with warmth easily, you’ll need to know how to avoid bad accidents such as low-temperature burns (also called first-degree or thermal burns). Remember and follow these rules:

  1. The hot water must be below 80°Celsius (176°F). Temperatures over 80°C are too hot for your yutampo.
  2. Fill up the bottle thoroughly. Completely fill the bottle with clean hot water to avoid deforming the bottle’s shape. Clean tap water is ideal for your yutampo, as opposed to previously used water such as the remaining hot water in a bathtub.
  3. Cover your hot water bottle. Without a cover, it’s dangerous to use a yutampo because they could cause burns more easily.
  4. Don’t actually cuddle with the bottle. Cute language aside, if your legs or other body parts touch your water bottle during the night, it could result in a thermal burn, even with a cover on the bottle. Well before you sleep, place the bottle under your blanket or duvet and let it warm your bed or futon up. When you’re finally ready to slip into bed, pull your hot bottle out from the bed and leave it on top of your covers. The recommended place to put your yutampo is under your blanket where your feet or hips will eventually rest. But, again, remember to take it out of the bed before getting comfortable.

How to Store Your ‘Yutampo’

After using your yutampo, drain the water thoroughly and let the inside dry. If properly cared for and kept in the shade when not in use, they can generally last you anywhere from three to four years.


Is this product safe to put in a microwave? Can I put water in it, then microwave it with the cover off in order to heat it?


It’s not intended to be microwaved so the answer is, it would not be safe in the microwave. You have to put boiling water into the Yutampo and you should fill it all the way to the top. This is a very safe product and I would highly recommend for you to buy it! I own several and use it every winter and for emergency situations. It really keeps you very warm and it beats using the electric blanket that are not safe to use.


There are no English instructions but Japanese instructions on the cap. what do these Japanese instructions or warnings say on the cap?


We’ve been using ours for about 8 years now. Basically this is how it works:

  1. Boil water in kettle
  2. Fill it to about 90% full, water should still slosh around a bit, and it should be below the cap.
  3. Screw the cap on tightly. Tip it upright and make sure it doesn’t leak any water.
  4. Slide it into the cloth pocket for it.
  5. Slip it between the covers on the bed.
  6. Enjoy warmth for about 6 hours.
  7. Drain it and clean it out with some chlorine twice a year or so.


What is the material? Rubber, silicone, …?


hard plastic I’m not sure exactly but it’s the same material that you’d have on a recycle tub that you toss your bottles in it’s very strudy which is what you want if you’re using boiling water to fill it.  It is a hard plastic. I LOVE mine and use it every cold / chilly night. It is some type of durable, rigid plastic. Will probably last forever. I have been using mine for 3 years.

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