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Made in USA {rpdictTuff Stuff 99012 Round Point Shovel, a quality landscaping tool with a wooden heavy duty D-grip handle, and a tempered steel blade. This shovel is ideal for snow, farming, forestry, gardening, landscaping, and pipe fitting. The blade can handle a wide variety of materials like soil, clay, gravel, or concrete.

Before starting be sure your tools are clean sharp and in good working order before digging in a new or unfamiliar area check with your local utility service such as call before you dig mark any known obstacles to avoid damaging.

A round point shovel is the classic digging tool they use to dig holes in nearly any size. Simply place the point of the shovel against the soil then apply pressure with your foot to force the blade into the soil.

Remove loose and soil to a pile and continue.

If you encounter resistance do not force it as you may damage roots irrigation pipes or other things.

Be sure to clean your tools before putting them away. To prevent rust and decay a bucket of sand is a great way to remove soil from digging tools


  • Round Point Shovel
  • D-grip Wooden Handle
  • Tempered steel blade
  • For snow removal, farming, forestry, gardening, landscaping, and pipe fitting.




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Tuff Stuff

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