WASD V2 104-Key Barebones Mechanical Keyboard – Cherry MX Blue

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WASD V2 104-Key Barebones Mechanical Keyboard – Cherry MX Blue

Product Description

NOTE: This is the previous V2 Model with P/S2 and Micro-USB Connector, no on-board programming.

The barebones V3 does not include any keycaps. All stabilizer parts are included to allow installation of a compatible keycap set. A small amount of silicone grease is also included for lubrication of the contact points between the stabilizer wire and the keycap inserts.
V2 Features

Plate Mounted Cherry MX Blue Mechanical Key Switches
– 50g actuation force
– Strong tactile feedback
– Audible click

N/6-Key Rollover
– True N-Key Rollover over PS/2 with included adapter
– Modified 6-Key Rollover over USB allows additional key presses after 6 keys to be recognized

Gaming Features
– Windows Lock mode allows toggling the Windows Keys on and off with Scroll Lock
– Fully disable Windows Keys operation

Multimedia Shortcuts
– Play, Stop, Next, Prev, Vol Up, Vol Down, and Mute shortcuts
– Optimized shortcut locations
– Can be disabled enable the default “Menu” key

Download V2 User Guide

Case Design
– Detachable USB cable
– 5-way cable routing system
– Low profile case for a more comfortable and natural typing position
– White LED lock indicators
– No logo
– Rubberized flip out feet

– 1.8m (70.8in) Micro USB cable with cable tie
– Wire keycap puller
– USB to PS/2 adapter

Dimensions: 445x142x30mm (17.5×5.6×1.2in)
Weight: 1156g (2.55 lbs)
Interface: USB / PS2
Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux
Case Material: ABS
Keycap Material: ABS
Made in Taiwan. Designed in USA.


About The Brand

WASD Keyboards was founded in 2011 with the aim to bring unmatched customizability to the mechanical keyboard enthusiast community. Initially we started with only a handful of keyboards and options with a small catalog of engravable characters and layouts. Today we offer a plethora of keyboards and accessories to match your personal style and needs. Just as we did in the very beginning, each custom keyboard and keycap set is built to order by our team here in Fremont, California. Whether you’re a veteran keyboard warrior who eats rubberdomes for breakfast or just opening your eyes to the wonderful world of mechanical keyboards, we’re here for you. Our team is dedicated to helping you find, choose, design, style, modify, and customize the keyboard of your dreams.